Luxury Bath
All dogs are given a minimum of two baths in our luxurious state-of-the-art non-slip bathtubs. Our salon only uses premium shampoos and conditioners to ensure cleanliness and healthy skin. After a comfortable bath, our bathers use gentle but high-velocity dryers specifically designed for blowing out the undercoat and straightening your pet’s coat, preparing it for grooming. Lastly, we also clean ears, express anal glands and brush the teeth.

Full Groom
From hand scissoring and hand stripping, to shave downs and creative grooming, we can do it all. Our grooming staff is knowledgeable of all the breeds of dogs, and their individual hair cuts according to breed standards. We love to pamper your pet and work closely with our clientele to provide the best groom and exceed expectations.

Mini Groom (Mini)
A mini is for in-between full grooms. We do everything included in the luxury bath plus a nail trim, tidy around the feet, face, and potty path.

Bath & Brush (B&B)
This is for short-haired dogs that don’t require any trimming. A B&B offers everything included in the luxury bath along with a nail trim, brushing, and/or de-furminating.

Nail Trim
Come in for a nail trim—no appointment necessary.

Deep Conditioning Session
If your dog has a dry or coarse coat, our deep conditioning session is exactly what he or she needs. We apply a premium concentrated re-moisturizing conditioner to your dog’s coat then fold them in a warm wrap. The warmth of the wrap activates the conditioner and stimulates it, leaving your dog’s coat feeling soft and smooth.

Blueberry Facial
A soothing and effective treatment for any dog; this vicious, tearless mask is applied to the dog’s face before a bath to brighten and clarify the fur. The combination of the massaging application and the calming scent relaxes your dog which makes for an even more pleasant grooming experience. Our Blueberry Facial is especially great for dogs with light-colored coats and/or tear staining.

Color Enhancing Shampoo
This service is perfect for white coats, black coats, and blondes. These premium shampoos are specifically formulated to make the white bright, the black deep and shiny, and clarify the blondes.

Show Dog Special
Let us apply to your dog the same shampoo and conditioner products that many of the dogs participating in AKC conformation show use. These products are of the highest caliber, formulated to leave a healthy sheen and feel. Ask about these products when booking your appointment!